The Little Lass

Dramatized documentary based on the novel

“A Love Story Without Boundaries”

By Aino Trosell

71 minutes.


The film was released during Gothenburg International Film Festival 2007.

Produced by the Film i Dalarna, SVT i Dalarna and Produktionsgruppen Wechselmann AB.

Directed by: Maj Wechselmann.

The film is a chronologic family history starting in 1850 when Aino Trosells great grand mother Eli was sent out as an eight year old little girl to become a maid. Join us on a journey through time which separates three generations of women working as maids, ending with Aino Trosell herself. A young girl breaking up from her family to start a completely new life.

A film about old fashion women oppressors, child murderers, forced marriage and suicide. But first and last a film about the courage and power that may change your fate.

Aino was working as a welding operator in Gothenburg when she started writing novels, and Gothenburg is depicted with the nostalgia air of the seventies. The many shipyards are described from the inside.

Filmed on location in the mountains between the borders of Norway and Sweden, in Dalarna, Varmland and Gothenburg.

Aino Trosell was born 1949 and lives in Malung. She has written 18 novels, translated into six different languages.

Selected Awards of Aino Trosell:
2006 Trade Unions Ivar-Lo Johanssons award
2001 Expressen´s pocket prize
2000 The best crime novel of the year.
1999 The Poloni Prize